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Interdisciplinary Additional Studies of the University of Bayreuth

Intersectionality Studies and Diversity Competences

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In summer term 2020, all courses will take place as webinars, i.e digitally taught classes. You will find reliable information on e-learning.

Please attend the following four courses:

1) Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt, "Introduction to Transcultural Studies" (PS), Friday 12-15, bi-weekly rhythm. 


or Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt, "Critical Whiteness Studies - A (Literary) History", Friday 15-18, bi-weekly rhythm. 

or  Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt, „Intersectionality ‚n William Shakepseare", Wednesday 12-15, bi-weekly rhythm. 


2) Dr. Mario Faust-Scalisi, "Introduction to Disability Studies", tba

3) Xin Li, "Introduction to Gender Studies", tba

or  Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt, „Intersectionality ‚n William Shakepseare", Wednesday 12-15, bi-weekly rhythm. 

4) The Anti-Discrimination workshop is held as individual consultation (2hours each), please contact: mariofaustscalisi@gmail.com or bronelizzie@gmail.com

You can also search for other courses and contact Susan Arndt to ask whether they would be accepted as replacement: susan.arndt@uni-bayreuth.de

For further information please visite:


What is offered by the Studies Programme „Intersektionalitätsstudien und Diversity-Kompetenzen“?

The Studies Programme „Intersektionalitätsstudien und Diversity-Kompetenzen“ teaches basic competencies and knowledges that offer tools to grasp the multilayeredness of power structures. Moreover, it teaches strategies to overcome discrimination and to move towards inclusion. The spectre of such competencies enriches professional profiles in various realms such as human resources, education, medial, economy and law.

What are the specifics of the program?
This is the first programme of its kind in Germany. You may study gender, queer or postcolonial studies elsewhere, but this programme offers the intersection thereof. Due to its inter- and transdisciplinary nature it is easily compatible with diverse studies programmes such sociology, engineering, anthropology, geography, anthropology, biology, law or economics. The gaol of this program is to provide the student with the necessary knowledge about the whereabouts of discrimination and the strategies to face and subvert it. What is power, what is privilege, how does resistance function and what is diversity all about? The program delves into latest trends of intersectional studies, bridging theory and empirical fields. It combines seminars and lectures, project and workshops, building on local expertise and that of international scholars and activists.

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